Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

The weather was MUCH nicer this weekend and our house never floated away…so Jack and Josie had a chance to try out their new playground! They gave it TWO thumbs up!
How cute is that dino hat on Josie? I know it was meant for Jack…but really, who can resist Josie with a dino head?? (thanks, Carrie!)
Apparently, I thought I was 15 again…and agile. So I did this. That was dumb. Not pictured: the kink in my neck. As you can see - Jack thought it was hilarious.

And for the record…Tyson ALSO played on the playground…I just don't have the pictures to prove it, because they mysteriously disappeared.

Looking forward to summer days outside!

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  1. Pretty good Kady!!!! I am impressed... Only a kink in the neck, I would have had a broken neck. Josie does look cute in that hat and I love Jack in his boots. What a SUPER nice playset! Wow, my kids always had the smaller metal ones. I am anxious to have a sand box in the play area since I know how much Jack loves to build volcanos and Josie likes it on her feet. (not!!!!!). Love Amma Shirlee ( BIG BIG HUGS!!!!!)


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