Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meeting Mickey Mouse - Florida Part 1

Our flight to Florida was pretty low key. Both kids were tired, but resilient. They didn't fuss or cry - and we even got compliments from the people sitting around us.

By the time we reached our hotel at 11pm - both of them were DEAD tired and Jack had seen/heard enough. He wasn't happy that we rented a car - "THIS IS NOT OUR CAR, GUYS." And then when we got to the hotel he said, "I don't like this house. It's too big. I want to go back to my house."

Needless to say - it was a rough hour or so. Josie slept like a champ in the Pack N' Play. And Tyson slept like a champ…on the pull out couch…with Jack. I got a great night of sleep in a Queen size bed, all by myself.

Wednesday morning we woke up and got ready - then headed off to Disney to see my parents.  Disney World seemed like it would be too much for my kids at this age, so we opted for a character breakfast at the Polynesian's Ohana restaurant. It was perfect!
 Both kids were SO excited to see Grandma & Grandpa!
Meeting the STAR himself, Mickey Mouse! And Lilo was there too…so were Pluto and Stitch. But Mickey was definitely the star and the highlight of Jack's day.
Josie tweaked Mickey's nose and pulled on Pluto's whiskers. But she loved all of the characters! No fear.
Before we left we took the kids on the most popular ride in all of Disney…the Monorail. It was free and Jack thought it was awesome. My dad claims it's child abuse to let your kids ride past Disney but not take them in… They'll get their day. When I win the lottery.

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  1. It was SO wonderful to get to be with the Grandkids. They are so so cute and so so SO active. I am very tired now but it was great to be able to share in their fun times. Jack was an incredible builder in the sand and Josie was a beautiful model in the sun with a big smile on her face. Both of the kids know what to do when the camera is on them. We hope they come back every year to see us in the sunshine ( most of the time) state. Love Amma Shirlee


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