Thursday, April 18, 2013

iPhone Upload

Some random pictures from my phone...
This was taken on Jack's sick day. He had to come with me to Meijer for dog food (and a few other things). He was very good and, therefore, got to ride on Sandy. It cost a penny. Best penny I ever spent...

The Easter Bunny actually brought Jack & Josie a late "gift" this year. Remember when our old playset got demolished by the derecho (100mph wind) last summer? Well, we replaced it and upgraded. Unfortunately, it was put in on a really rainy day. Jack was pretty sad. BUT we will both be excited this summer when we can spend our days at HOME playing outside!
And finally, Brooke posted a self-portrait of Molly - so I thought I would share this ONE of Jack. There were 40 more of this EXACT picture on my phone. Thanks, buddy.

One more thing…if it doesn't stop raining soon…the pond is going to be in my basement. Insurance Agents (hi, I know you are reading this) - send over some sandbags! And a boat.


  1. Sydney is an ANGEL at Meijer- she LOVES Sandy! SOmetimes I tell her she can have 2 or 3 rides if we have a longer shopping list. :-)

  2. I just looked at your policy. You don't have flood insurance. Sorry no coverage... Hopefully the rain last night didn't bring the water level up any more.

    Love you guys/ gals,

    Uncle Joe


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