Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Comerica Park

One of the things we have been telling Jack is that you have to use the potty to go to a Tiger's game. It's a white lie. Nevermind that he has been to 3-4 Tigers games as an infant...or that we were willing to bring his baby sister (still in diapers) along... Big boys go potty AND watch baseball. It worked.

So last Thursday Tyson took the day off work and we spent the afternoon at Comerica Park for a Tiger's game. As one would expect - Jack was in heaven.
 We had lunch there and - possibly for the first time EVER - NO BEER. What's that about?

Oh wait...this explains the NO BEER. That foam Tiger Paw cost $15. Did I miss something? When did  ballpark souvenirs get so expensive?? Whatever. Jack loved the game, loved the hotdog, loved the foam paw, and loved using the Men's Restroom while he was there.

It was a fun afternoon and it was great being back in Detroit!

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