Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pre School Prep

We have been talking about Pre School a lot lately. I want Jack to love school from the beginning. He's SO excited to meet new friends. It's all he talks about when we discuss "school." {Future Beta Social Chair?}

Yes, I may be a teacher, but I up until now I have let him decide when he wants to focus on his "academics". He knows the typical toddler info: shapes, colors, numbers, & ABCs. I know what school will hold, soon enough...Plus, he's way more interested in Baseball, firetrucks, and Spiderman. School will happen - for the next 19+ years...

So Friday morning he woke up at 7:10am (which for me was like someone waking up at 4:10am). I turned on PBS and tried to get a little more sleep (stellar parenting). After about 25 minutes Jack disappeared downstairs. When he came back he had crayons, paper, and toddler scissors.
When I got up to check on him I stepped over a pile of cut up paper and found him in the hallway "working,"

He wrote his name, all by himself...which was both shocking and exciting. Note the uppercase letter and then the lowercase letters...Kindergarten Teacher Heart Melt.
And then he drew "a person." I'm sure you recognize that person, right? It's Grandpa Denny.

Today is the first day of Pre School. It's an hour-long class and I get to tag along! Will have an update on Day 1 soon...

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