Monday, September 16, 2013

Whiffleball Weekend

We were back in FW for the 8th Annual Whiffleball Tournament. Our friends, Sarah and Blake, came up from Cincinnati. Tyson and Blake are bff's (they will love that I called them that) from their days at Beta. I sometimes overhear their phone calls and they basically talk about nothing, but laugh the entire time. I guess it's a frat brother thing?!?

Anyway, we spent most of our day at the Whiffleball Field. Jack & Josie came for a while, but left for lunch and nap time.
 Saturday night we had amazing babysitters - who sent us off to dinner and then drinks! We ended up at Curly's before heading home.
 Jack was sad when his friends "Bake" and "Kara" (he also called her Summer & Sari) left on Sunday morning. Ten minutes after they left, he asked if they were coming back soon.
Grandma Nancy distracted Jack with some plant watering. Here he is living out his dream to be a fireman. I see potential.

And Josie took a break at the Becker Bistro table. She may be the only person to have ever sat at this table. We can't confirm this…but I'm thinking so…

There were TWO birthdays celebrated this weekend! Cooper celebrated 8 years with our family and Jonny celebrated 27 years with us. We love them both.

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