Monday, September 2, 2013

Lake for Labor Day

Uncle Devin came in from Idaho for Labor Day Weekend. We packed up Friday and headed to the Lake! It was a GREAT weekend filled with family, friends, and yummy food…not to mention lots of time swimming in the lake and playing outside.
 We missed Aunt Kristin! She had to stay in ID for work. Hopefully we will see her soon!
Tucker got in LOTS of tennis ball fetches from the lake. That dog was born to swim. Devin had a relaxing time…or at least a somewhat relaxing time. As relaxing as a weekend can get with two kids running around.
We had a "visitor" on Friday night. A green frog somehow managed to sneak into the house and snuggle up on the water cooler. He was escorted out. 

Jack and Josie had a great time with Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Denny, and Uncle Devin. It's so nice to have the lake as a meeting place for the family!

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