Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Dress Like Animals…Then Ride on Them.

We are happy to report that we are members at the Detroit Zoo again. Never thought that would happen. We love the Detroit Zoo! It's open year round, which means on sunny days in January - we can still go and take a walk around. Trust me, in Michigan, and despite the cold, this is a big plus!
Josie saw some flamingos and felt connected to them. Perhaps it was because they, too, were wearing pink pants.

But then she saw the zebras and was like, "What the heck, MOM? You dressed me like a zebra?" Jack didn't seem to mind that he looked like a zebra. We also saw the giraffes, gorillas, chimps, and rhinos!
Before we left we took a ride on the carousel. Jack chose a big white rabbit and Josie rode on Nemo. I was sad that no one wanted to ride on the falcon. I call it next time...

And, of course, no zoo trip is complete without a toddler tantrum. You may recall seeing Jack's a couple years back…and mine was also included. Must run in the genes:
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  1. I love all these pictures but the last three are priceless. You are getting pay back for when you kicked and screamed leaving the zoo. Hugs to my precious Grandkids that I love with ALL my heart!!!!! Love grandma Shirlee


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