Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jungle Java

Yesterday it was quite warm in Metro Detroit. I promised Jack that we'd have a "fun day" - which to him means no trips to Meijer/Target/Kroger. So we got ready and headed off to Jungle Java in Canton. Basically Jungle Java is a big indoor play structure. Kids run around, climb, and slide...and moms sit & drink coffee. Unless you are the mom of a child like Josie, who insists you play in the structure, too.

Jack was IN HEAVEN. I swear he didn't stop moving for over an hour.
Me: Hey Jack, let me take your picture! 
And he was gone.
Luckily, JJ knew parents would have to play in these structures - and made them "parent friendly." I, along with a couple other moms and even some dads, scaled the structures and slid down the slides.
I did get Jack to take a break for a smoothie. See the sweat? I'm telling you - non-stop for an hour and a half.
When he took this break it was for a cookie. Duh, that will stop him any day. He also informed me that he had a "new best friend." His name was "Tonah" and he "finds monsters, too." Actually, his name was Jonah, but it was true - he was a certified Monster Slayer. Jack and Jonah had the very best time...and reiterated my belief that my child could make friends with anyone.
Josie, however, just wanted to cuddle up with this zebra. I'm not sure about that girl sometimes.

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  1. Aww, miss that place! There's nothing like it here in Iowa. Thinking about opening a franchise...minus the fact that kids drive me crazy and I already have two of my own.

    Closest thing here is a place called Monkey Joe's. Think loud inflatables and zero coffee.


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