Monday, September 23, 2013

Nuala's Birthday

We spent some time this weekend in Ypsilanti visiting Nuala for her 4th birthday! Grandma Nancy, Aunt Kim, Uncle Tom, and Caitlin were all there to celebrate, too! It was a very girlie party - with clothes and barbies and princesses galore. After the other guests had left, Aunt Kim gave Jack & Josie each a present.
To say that Jack loved his gift would be an understatement. He got a Nerf Rocket Launcher. Josie was pretty excited about her Cooper-ette dog-purse, too.
 Blake - having had enough princess for the day - was eager to help Jack set up the rocket launcher.
And then everyone, including the Birthday Girl, took turns launching rockets really high into the sky! (and in case you're wondering we've been launching rockets all weekend…and I'd guess we will launch them all week, as well)
We were so glad we could celebrate Nuala's day with her! She is so funny and full of life. 

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