Friday, September 27, 2013

Lets talk about F&%KS

It's Friday and we're getting' crazy around here. Hope you have fun plans for the weekend!

Real Life Conversation (while driving Jack to school):
{Stopped at stoplight}
Jack: Mom - Look at that big F&%K!
{I look to my right and see a semi)
Me: Yeah, that is a big TRuck.
Jack: I like that f%&k. Where is that f%&k going, Mommy?
Me: I'm not sure. He's probably going to work.
Jack: I want that f&%k to come to my school with me.
{We turn left, the truck turns right}
Jack: Where did that f%#k go, Mom?
Me: He went to work, Jack. 
{inner dialogue: Is this kid messing with me? Does he really know what he's saying? When he's 16 is he going to be like, "hey mom, remember when I used to cuss you out? hahaha. You were so gullible."}
Jack: I like F%&KS, mommy. I like dumb f&%ks and big f&%ks...
Me: Yeah? Me too. {Pause} Hey, Jack, can you say TRash?
Jack: Fash.
Me: {phew} Yeah. Okay, hey buddy, can you do me a favor?
Jack: What?
Me: Can you talk about BOATS while you're at school today?

And finally - make sure you watch this commercial. Yes, I know it's a VW commercial, but regardless of our loyalty to GM…it's funny.

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