Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beating the Winter Blues

We spent - yet ANOTHER morning - at Kids Gotta Play (playground showroom). I'm telling you - I can't stand being inside for MONTHS at a time and this place is one of my favorite ways to beat the Winter Blues.  Jack jumped his heart out on the trampoline.
 He also shot some hoops with his sister. (see - the Hoosier blood runs deep)
And there was lots of climbing & playing...and I actually saw the pent up energy fall off their little bodies.
Our friends, the Festa boys, showed up too - which was a BIG treat for Jack! He and Christian had a lot of fun playing together.
Josie and Landon chatted on a tire swing. By lunchtime - we were all worn out & hungry. Unfortunately, only Josie & mommy were ready for naps... Jack has banned them from his life. Four year olds can be so difficult.

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