Friday, February 28, 2014

Library Overload

We spent some time at the Northville Public Library this morning. I'll be honest - I am SO sick and tired of this cold - I could puke (I puke easily these days). But seriously. It was -9 when we woke up today (without the wind chill). NEGATIVE NINE. When you have a child as active as Jack, LONG winters make you feel like you're going crazy. I hate moving, but if Tyson came home tonight and said we were moving somewhere warm (perhaps a place where 2 inches of snow sends people into a panic) - well, I probably would grab some boxes and start packing. It's just the state of mind I'm in right now. No offense, Michigan. I really love your other 3 seasons.

Moving on.

So - after some coaxing and threatening (yes, I do that) and almost reaching my breaking point for the day - we finally got loaded into the car and headed downtown. We checked out LOTS of new books. Jack played a computer game and Josie did puzzles. And then we headed back home.

I'm participating in a local Vendor Sale for a charity this weekend - so, Tyson, GOOD LUCK!


  1. You guys are welcome to move to Sunny California and stay with me till you get irritated of the traffic!

    1. Subba - you are too kind! We'll be there. Two adults, two kids, and two large dogs (plus more crap than you can imagine). See you soon! :)
      Miss you, friend.


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