Thursday, February 20, 2014

Indoor Snow Play

We got more fresh snow this week - and I just wasn't in the mood to go play in it. I feel like that is sending the wrong message to Mother Nature, when - in fact - I don't want her thinking we LIKE the snow. We don't. We're done with it.
I scooped up some fresh snow and brought it inside. Then I let the kids stir in some colored water. It was a lame way to play in the snow - but it held their attention for quite a while. I even had to go back for a second scoop.

And they both made snowmen - so it wasn't a total bust. We have officially started planning a trip south. I hope Florida cooperates with us. We've had a LONG winter and would appreciate some sunny skies & warm temps. AND - I think Disney is in the forecast too! Jack & Josie don't know about this yet - but I'm thinking we will have some pretty excited kiddos!

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