Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend Visitors

We had special visitors this past weekend. Nancy & Denny needed a "Jack & Josie fix" - so they came up to Northville.  Annie came, too. Poor Annie...she's blind and suffers through abuse at the hands of toddlers.

Josie was trying to convince Grandma she should stay a little longer.  Tyson & I agree. We actually got to go out for an adult only dinner on Saturday night...wait, what do you call those? A date?!? It was really nice!
Jack tried to convince Grandpa to stay, too...
Denny & Tyson made a Starbucks run and Denny came back with flowers for me! Notice - it says DENNY...not TYSON. :)  What a nice Father-in-law!
And one ride in the car with Josie - convinced Grandma Nancy a trip to Target was in order. Poor Jos. We bought Jack a Britax Boulevard waaaay back when he was 1. When Josie was 10mth and out grew/weighed her infant carrier - we skimped and bought a Graco. It was fine when she was little - but now, it's become uncomfortable. She hated being strapped into it. Grandma couldn't stand it and bought her a new seat. As you can see - she loves it. (seriously - not one tear in & out of the car all day yesterday!)
Although - Mr. Jack gave a very convincing argument as to why he should get the NEW seat and Josie could have his OLD seat. Sorry, buddy. Not this time.

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