Monday, February 3, 2014

My Favorite SuperBowl Commercials

There was lots of talk during & after the seemed people were disappointed with the commercials this year. I liked quite a few of them - but I'm not really hard to please. If it pulls at my heart or makes me laugh, I think it's a good commercial.

This year there were two that I loved. And they both made me cry.

The first one was this one:
Seriously - how awesome that this soldier was welcomed home by his entire community. Even if it was just done for a commercial - I truly believe the sacrifice made by members of our military is absolutely worthy of such celebration.

And because people have fought for our freedoms - we can enjoy this commercial:

I made the mistake of looking at Coke's Facebook page and reading people's reaction to this commercial. Unless you feel like being completely disappointed with society, I recommend NOT reading people's comments.

Maybe I'm biased - having been raised in a household where I often heard a second language being spoken. Maybe I'm biased because Saturday I shopped at Meijer and heard at least 5 different languages being spoken around me...and it made me happy. Maybe I'm biased because if I walk down my street I can see families of all ethnicities taking in their groceries and shoveling their driveways. I don't want my kids growing up with a mindset that ENGLISH is the only language spoken in this country. I don't want them thinking any less of someone of a different culture. And if they DID - well then I would feel like I was a failure.

I have to hope that there are more people like me...more parents like me...more teachers in classrooms teaching the importance and beauty of diversity. God Bless America & the people who live here.

PS: if you want to see some serious awesome-ness - go to Coca Cola's YouTube channel and you can hear each girl sing in her native language. Amazing.

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