Monday, February 3, 2014

The SuperBowl

We were HAPPY HOOSIERS living in Michigan yesterday...and it had nothing to do with the weather. No - our Indiana Hoosiers pulled off a big upset over an undefeated U of M team - and we were pretty excited! We celebrated with brownies & ice cream after dinner.
We watched the SuperBowl - or some of it. Josie was nervous for Peyton - and for good reason.  Honestly, we didn't care either way who won. Obviously, as former Indiana natives, we enjoy watching Peyton, but Russell Wilson is a good kid and he was a deserving winner.
Jack was less interested in football and more interested in building towers. Fine with me. I watch football players plow into each other - sometimes HEAD FIRST and I pray my child never shows interest in the sport.  Tyson says he values Jack's brain too much to allow him to play football. I have to agree.

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