Friday, February 21, 2014

Wrap-up of the Week

Cruel & Unusual Punishment: Preschool closing for a week (still not sure why) in the middle of winter when we are JUST getting back on schedule. Needless to say, it's been a LONG week. I know summer will be here soon - but at least I can sit outside while my kids play.
 I snapped this pic of Josie. She was pretending to talk to one of her "Papa's" on the phone. I caught her hiding behind the curtains & blinds in Jack's room. Jabbering away.
Jack had a AWESOME swim lesson! He is starting to swim by himself! Hoping we can get him in the pool a few more times before Florida.
Tuesday I was washing sheets. This is usually a chore I do while he's in school - but since he didn't have school this week... He wasn't happy about me "stealing" his sheets. He protested with Occupy Laundry Room - his first official sit-in. I see BIG things for this kid as a politician.
At one point - I walked away and went to clean up Josie's room. When I came back Jack & his sheets were missing. But never fear - I found them both. Jack was trying desperately to put them back on his bed. It didn't go well. Eventually I convinced him to HELP me wash the sheets...and when he went to bed that night he was loving how clean they were. I guess he doesn't realize when they're clean every other time...?!?!?

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