Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Visit with the Carsten Family

We had some special visitors this past weekend - all the way from Fort Wayne. Josie was looking EXTRA cute on Saturday for their arrival. Little does she know...but 12 years from now, she'll be crushing HARD for the Carsten Boys!
In true "boy fashion" - first we had an arm hang contest on the playset. It got crazy. Lots of sore arms.
Baby Devin was wondering how long until he could participate. He's also pretty pumped that Baby Becker will be able to join him in the fun/chaos.
Saturday night, after a rowdy lunch & naps for all, we went to an indoor putt-putt place. It was glow in the dark and a little trippy. The kids played the fastest game of putt-putt in the history of putt-putt...then it was time for some arcade games. I got $2 worth of tokens for Josie. She wasn't sure what she wanted to "play" - but we found a game that suited her. First token in - 8 tickets. Second token in - JACKPOT! She won 258 tickets.
Her winnings earned each kid a sucker & a plastic dinosaur.
Tucker made a new best friend in Devin. They were pals all weekend. Devin gave Tuck lots of "hugs" by laying his head on Tucker's rump. And Tuck proved - once again - he's the best dog ever. Nothing bothers him - not a 4 year old who can be too rough with him or a baby that wants to crawl on him.
We played outside a bit on Sunday before they packed up and headed back to Indiana.
Jack and his buddies
 Then Josie had to get in on the picture action...
And, as expected, there were tears when they left. Jack LOVES having his friends here to play! Looking forward to seeing them at the lake this summer!

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