Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Operation: Rescue the Worms

I have always been an animal lover. It's the Grandma Golda in me {and my brothers}. We just have a soft spot for animals (less of a spot for cats...but still). Ask Tyson, I go bonkers if I see a stray dog or {God forbid} an animal get hit by a car - straight up LOSE MY STUFF...tears. Lots of tears. So I know I will be raising three little animal lovers of my own. Our poor dogs get more "love" from the kids than they'd like...

Last week we had rain. Lots of rain. Mother Nature is not playing fair after what we just went through Nov - March. Anyway, with rain, comes worms. I hate running over worms. So I introduced the kids to Operation: Rescue the Worms. 
 The worms love coming into our garage...which is bad because then they dry up & die. So Josie spent some time rescuing them from despair. She was surprisingly gentle.
Jack wasn't sure about it at first... He squealed when they wriggled in his hand. I gave him the "your sister isn't scared" speech...which changed his attitude REAL quick. By the time we were ready for lunch, they were expert worm finders and amazing rescuers. We probably saved 30+ worms that day. Fun activity outside and a RAOK {if you're a worm}. And yes, germaphobes, we washed our hands.
...and then I got stuck in my boots...because trying to pull knee high rubber boots off your feet with a pregnant belly is dang near impossible. Luckily, Josie was willing to help me out. Won't be making that mistake again...

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