Friday, May 9, 2014

No Pants, Park Play

On Tuesday Josie and I picked Jack up from school with a surprise - a picnic lunch and a plan to go to a new park. Tyson was home from work and not feeling so great, so I thought we'd give him an extra hour of quiet before we invaded the house.

In true Hoosier fashion, Jack was attracted to the race car and took Jos on a ride.
Here we are enjoying our lunch. What this picture doesn't show: Josie playing in the dirt in between bites of her food, Jack losing it because a dragon fly is flying around us, Josie dismantling her sandwich to pretend like she's eating, Josie stealing grapes from her brother's plate while he's watching for the dragon fly...

Lesson: Lunch outside the house is exhausting.
Here is the dismantled sandwich.I swear it looked appetizing before Josie got her hands on it.
And it's technically NOT an adventure unless someone leaves without an article of clothing. In Josie's case, it was her pants... I'll spare you the details. You've heard it before: same story, different day.

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