Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day

I had an AWESOME Mother's Day. But I felt a tad guilty...because I didn't spend the day with the people who make me a "mother." To be fair, I spend every waking moment with them - so I was actually thankful for the Mother's Day I had {not that I don't love my family...I do}.

Anyway - Sunday morning we woke up. I got some great gifts: a new candle, a teapot, some maternity clothes, and a pair of stay-at-home Mom pants {aka: yoga pants}...add in some hugs and kisses from my kids - it was already a great day. But then I packed the kids up & sent them off to the lake with Tyson (and Nancy). And I had an ENTIRE day ahead of me. I didn't know where to start.

I started with a project that began last August. This is embarrassing. Here it goes: I started painting Josie's room when we moved into our house in August. Basically - I got sidetracked...for MANY months and I also "lost" the can of paint in the garage all winter. So I decided Mother's Day was THE DAY to get that project finished. I spent the morning "framing" the baseboards, door, closet, window, etc. Then took a lunch break.

I ate lunch in a restaurant BY MYSELF - with a book. Amazing. Then I got a car wash - What's that I hear? Nothing? No screaming? Amazing. Then I vacuumed out my car - one yelled at me for being too loud or that I needed to "rescue" a toy. Amazing. After that I was feeling very accomplished. I stopped at the nail salon for a pedicure. You guessed it - Amazing.
Back at home I kept working on Josie's room. Tyson called to say he'd be home around 9pm. I took the dogs on a walk, did some laundry, and vacuumed. Then I waited for the gang to arrive. Josie was REALLY excited about her finished room...and so was Tyson. And I was able to say, "See everything I can do when you give me an entire day?"
Here is the finished product. Still need to add new curtains. Maybe by...oh, next March - that will get done.


  1. Kady!!! First off, love that candle. Second, I offered my painting skills on my last visit to your place. You should've taken me up on it! Josie's rooms is awesome. Have you started on the nursery yet? ;)


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