Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Failures on Friday

Last Friday was one of "those days" - a day that, by noon, I was ready to hang it up, wave my white flag, beg for a margarita/beer/shot of something. It just wasn't working.

First, Jack scared the heck out of me with a tongue laceration. He was jumping on the couch and managed to bite through his tongue. If you've ever seen a tongue injury - you know, they bleed. A LOT. My initial panic was off set by an abnormal sense of reason - that told me to call someone. Tyson was first. No answer. Dr. Kassey (bff from college) was second and she picked up. Her advice was priceless. She spoke, not only as a dentist, but also as a mom - which is pretty much exactly what I needed. Her best bit of info: "I bet he's jumping on the couch again in 45 minutes." And - YES - he absolutely was...

Happy to report the tongue incident was behind us by nap time. Jack was feeling fine. After nap time - things took another turn downhill. I was preparing for Nancy to come visit...but every time I entered a room, a child was making a mess.
Seriously. What is it about a big box of very small toys that says "DUMP ME ON THE FLOOR!" ??
Then I discovered Josie's artistic talents on the wall... The teacher in me did note the straight lines, though.
And then, as I was scrubbing the wall - she "decorated" her face with mascara. Again. Needless to say, by 6pm - I was about to meltdown. It was Grandma Nancy to the rescue. She took over kid duties and sent Tyson & me to a Craft Beer Party...which was actually another form of torture - for a pregnant lady who really just needed a beer.

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