Monday, May 5, 2014


Josie is...
  • a mama's girl!
  • still hanging on to the paci {efforts to end this love affair are in far, no progress}

  •  very independent. She will play by herself, get her own snack, etc. She channel's Beyonce on a daily basis.
  • very happy. Josie is happy 95% of the time. She does this thing where she smiles and pretend laughs and makes faces to someone {I'm still trying to decide if it's an imaginary friend or angels, back for a visit} Regardless, it's hilarious. She does it in the car and at night in her crib. 
  • artsy. She loves to color and draw. Anytime I know she's looking bored - I offer up crayons, markers, or paint...and she's always game.

  • funny! She's discovering her own little personality and it's so fun! She is also discovering my makeup drawer...which is less fun {for me}. Here she is sporting some mascara as lipstick. Probably not the best look.
  • sweet with a side of "sauce." Josie is sweet as can be. She is cuddly and loving. As I've mentioned before, she always greets Jack when she wakes up and loves giving hugs. However, she DOES have a "saucy" side. Don't cross her.
  • determined. Going along with that sauce - Jos is a very determined little girl. She's stubborn at times and can't be swayed or distracted.
  • my best buddy. It's no secret that Jack is attached to his Daddy...and Josie is my little buddy. I thought about sending her to a Mom's Morning Out class next year, but I just can't. {yes, I know I should} But she hates being away from me...and honestly, I really enjoy being with her. Hopefully she isn't too offended when Baby Brother joins our party.
That's our Josie!

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