Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Green Thumb

Let me introduce everyone to my biggest "green thumb" accomplishment to plant. We inherited this guy when we bought our house and my first thought was, "how long before I kill it?!?"  I just don't do well taking care of things with roots.  When my friend Brooke came to visit in November the plant had just moved I asked for some watering advice. She recommended once a week. I've been drowning them all these years. I'm happy to say that plant & I worked out a system all winter. He got a nice big drink every Wednesday and, as you can see, he's doing just fine. (I'm not joking...I'm really proud of myself.)

So Monday I decided to extend my "green thumb" abilities to flowers on our front porch. I had a Midwife appt {and a babysitter} so I stopped for some flowers on my way home.
Once the babysitter left, the kids "helped" me plant them.  Here is what "helped" actually means:
Jack: NOT excited to help because it's "too boring" - but in reality is actually decently helpful. 85% of the dirt he shoveled made it into the pots.
Josie: SUPER excited to help - but is actually quite the opposite of helpful. 10% of the dirt she shoveled made it into the pots.
As you can see - planting was a success {as of now}. RIP to the flowers Josie decapitated...she thought they needed to be removed from their stems to grow in the dirt. Typical toddler mistake. If you never hear about my flowers again - just assume I failed at keeping them alive. Because TRUST ME - if they are looking fab by August, you'll ALL know!

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