Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Farm, More Ice Cream

Monday night I was sitting at the computer working when I received an email from Jack's teacher. It was titled: FIELD TRIP TOMORROW. I panicked. Pregnancy Brain (yes, that's a real thing) had struck again. I was SURE the field trip was Thursday. Nope. I immediately contacted Josie's sitter and  - PHEW - she was scheduled to come Tuesday. Seems I gave her a date "May 13" from the permission slip... So all Tuesday plans were scrapped and Jack & I headed to the Kensington Park Farm.
There were TONS of new baby animals to meet! Jack got to pet a baby pigmy goat and a lamb. We also saw a bunch of ducklings, piglets, and a calf.
This is the Draft Horse, Mary. She came out to say hello - but her boyfriend, Max, didn't.  Jack learned that horses wear shoes...which he thought was hilarious.
The Dairy Cow, Pearl. Fabulous name. Jack really liked her.
It was a muggy day and these pigs were enjoying the coolness of the mud. Interesting pig fact: their gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days.
As we pulled out of the MetroPark there just happened to be a Dairy Queen. Jack didn't see it, but I did! We stopped for a pre-lunch treat...because Mommy & Jack dates are rare & they deserve to be special. Tyson asked Jack what the best part of his field trip was and he said, "Ice Cream!" For the record, I did make it a "teachable moment" by reminding him that ice cream comes from milk, and milk comes from cows - like Pearl. See - it was actually educational.

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