Friday, May 16, 2014

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We've had rain ALL week. Grrr. I'm just done. My kids need fresh air. I need my kids outside. Everyone is happier outside. The other day - despite the fresh rain - I sent them out to play. Come in wet & covered in mud...I really don't care, just GO PLAY! {is that mean?} They had fun. But then I saw them taking me seriously & rolling in I called them inside.

I stripped them both down and told them to run upstairs and put on dry clothes. I knew Jack could do this...but wasn't sure about Josie. She came down looking like this:
She was SO proud of herself. Special thanks to Aunt Kim for the tie-dye "Peace" shirt, Aunt Becky for the frilly skirt, and Grandma Nancy for the shoes. Josie paraded around the house, twirling her skirt, and flipping her hair. And I honestly had to question how we were related. Just ask Shirlee - I was never a "frilly skirt" girl...much to my mother's dismay.
I did convince Josie to let me paint her toenails for the first time ever! She agreed but under one condition - only BLUE or as she said, "Boo." If you see her toesies, make sure you compliment her "pedicure."
Tyson was traveling a bit this week...and, again, with all the rain we've had I just needed to get the kids out to play. So Wednesday night I loaded them in the car and set off to Jungle Java. They played - HARD! And ate a SUPER healthy dinner {sarcasm}...then played some more. I lured them out of there at 7:30....and by 8:15 my house was silent. I'll be doing that again.
This picture was taken at 11:00 at night. You'd never know because Josie looks WIDE AWAKE. She was having some belly issues and needed a Miralax cocktail...and some books. She was back in bed by 11:45.

We have friends coming to visit this weekend! Should be LOTS of fun! Happy Friday!

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