Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A few more from the hospital...

Nolan and I had an extra day in the hospital. Long story short, he needed to receive an antibiotic before delivery - but he came SO fast there wasn't time to administer it via IV...so he had to stay 48hr for observation. I was discharged Thursday morning, but moved to a "Nesting Suite" so we could have a nurse continue to observe him. (FYI - he was PERFECTLY healthy, it was simply a matter of following hospital protocol)
 Jack and Josie did some pre-Nolan shopping at the Dollar Tree. They came with gifts! A stuff dinosaur and a mini soccer ball...along with a Happy Birthday balloon.

Despite being a little guy - he was definitely "fully cooked." Just look at those cheeks!
Tyson is the most amazing Daddy! So much love.
See that hair? We're debating color. Some believe it has a hint of red, while others see "dirty blonde" or "light brown." Only time will tell....
Time to go home!

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