Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Reading...and more

The kids participated in Northville Library's summer reading program. We read 50 books, wrote them down on a special paper, and turned them into the library for prizes (and books!). I'm not sure if the kids understood what we were doing - but we do love to read, so it was a good reason to spend lots of time at the Library this summer. The Library always has good A/C pumping!

They did some puzzles before we claimed our prizes.
Jack & Josie have learned that when their mommy is pregnant - sometimes she really WANTS...wait, cream. The other day I saw a commercial for the new Dairy Queen Chips Ahoy Blizzard...and I decided I NEEDED a Blizzard. So Tyson made that happen...and Jack & Josie got their mini-blizzard, too. Thanks, Pregnant Mommy!
Going along with being SUPER healthy {sarcastic} - Joe & Gina sent me an early "push present." That's 10 packages of Mega Stuf Oreos (courtesy of Amazon). Not gonna lie - I'm not sure even I can eat all of those! If you come to visit - be ready to leave with a parting gift.
And finally - this is my friend and his furry green dog, Don-on. The "man with the glasses" is an artist. I have no idea...I just go with it.

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