Tuesday, August 19, 2014

September isn't so far away...

My midwives will let me go to 42 weeks...should this guy decide he's not ready to join us on his own. 42 weeks means I will have a September Baby. That's funny... But not really.

When Nancy was pregnant with Tyson - Denny LOVED the name August. He wanted to call Tyson "Auggie." Obviously, Nancy's name choice won out.

Fast forward 33 years... Like father, like son - Tyson threw out the name August. But - knowing that his due date was August 21st...I was pretty adamant that we would NOT be naming him August. Should I make it to 42 weeks, into September...the name August may be re-entered into consideration. I'm not down with that.

UPDATE: Had a midwife appt this morning and things were about the same as last week. She predicts this guy is fairly small - 7lbs or so. She stripped my membranes. If you know what this is...you know that it wasn't enjoyable. If you don't know what this is..."stripping membranes" - it's about as pleasant as it sounds.  And as I left, she said, "So I'll probably see you tonight or tomorrow night." Let's ALL hope.

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