Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Fun List: The Drive-In

Friday morning Tyson traded in his Yukon for his next vehicle (see bottom for how his car deal works)...and showed up with a HUGE truck. It's a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 or as Jack likes to call it "a REAL monster f*&%." Lovely. Go ahead and imagine how great it will be when he starts pre-school in September and tells people his dad has a "monster f#@*." Yes, super.
Anyway - Saturday night Tyson & Denny headed downtown Detroit for a Tigers game. Nancy and I decided to brave the Drive-In with the kids. Here's the only problem with the Drive-In...it doesn't start until it's dark...which means the movie starts around 10pm. That's late {for kids, new retirees, and pregnant ladies alike}.
Jack was JACKED about going. He loaded everything in the truck bed, organized it, and then didn't stop talking until the movie started...
See what I mean about the talking? He was amped. Not even popcorn could make him stop. Josie was along for the ride.
And I surprised myself by hiking my very large structure into the truck bed, too. Once I was up - I wasn't coming down (until it was time to leave). We watched Planes: Fire and Rescue...then headed home before the 2nd movie started. Shhhh. Don't tell my kids there was a second movie. Thank you, Nancy, for braving the drive-in with us for the first time!

Tyson's Car Deal: Ty is part of a program at GM where he gets a new GM car every 6 months. The fun part is - you never know what car you'll be coming home with...The down side is your 4 year old thinks it's normal to get a new car every 6 months. 

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