Friday, August 15, 2014

NST and Ultrasound

Baby Boy gave me a bit of a scare today. He's been moving less over the last few days and I've done some Kick Counts to check on him.  Today he was pretty quiet and I got worried. So I called Triage and the Midwife said to come in for a Non-Stress Test. He was fine, good strong heartbeat and some movement.  The nurse reported that I have an "irritable uterus" - meaning I'm having a lot of small contractions all the time. I reported this to Tyson, so he understands that an irritable uterus is also linked to an irritable wife.

They did a quick ultrasound to check fluid levels and everything looked great. Baby Boy was "practicing breathing" and was flexing his arms & legs. Not gonna lie - he looked pretty comfy. I did not see any packed up boxes indicating he was planning on vacating in the near future.

So I will continue along with my day-to-day labor inducing tricks...and hope he comes this weekend.

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