Monday, August 4, 2014

Devin & Kristin Visit {and Rufus, too}

Uncle Devin & Aunt Kristin are in they came up to see us in Michigan! Jack was PUMPED to see them! I only heard "when will they be here?" about 150 times on Thursday.
 Devin gave the kids some rides in a box. That's always fun.
 There was indoor camping, piggy back rides, and some zombie attacks.
Also plenty of books...
Both kids were really sad when Devin & Kristin left on Saturday morning.
Part of the sadness was because they took their dog, Rufus, with them. Jack loved Rufus. He especially loved feeding Rufus. Coop & Tuck were happy to meet their new cousin, but were also VERY tired when he left. It was a good reminder for Tucker that he's not a puppy anymore.

They don't head back to Idaho for another week - so we hope Baby Boy can make his debut while they're still around.

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