Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Flashback

I'm not exactly sure what Tyson was doing in this picture - but I find it hilarious! He is giving someone (or something), the side-eye . . . yet his mouth looks like he's perplexed. 

He's sitting in a carseat, which explains why he is sitting still for the picture.  

When Tyson and I were dating, I attended a "Becker Family Christmas" and I was told to have a seat in front of the TV, because "there was something I needed to watch."  That "something" was a series of old videos showing my {future} husband running around like a wild man, jumping off the bed, and shoving his face into the camera lens - while his brother, Devin, sat quietly and patiently in the background.  The family staged a very subtle intervention, to make sure I was aware of Tyson's "over-activity" before I procreated with him.  I now understand that the "over-activity" gene can - indeed - be transferred to offspring. Jack is a miniature version of his father.

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