Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sydney-Roo is TWO!

Yesterday was a special day in our neighborhood. Sydney turned TWO! Jack celebrated with her at "school" and then was her birthday dinner date at Bagger Dave's. There was coloring, a choo-choo, and a toddler dance party! After dinner we stopped by her house for a birthday cupcake (or two)...but bedtime crept up and Jack as on the brink of meltdown. No one likes to ruin a pretty girl's birthday - so we left early. But it was a fun celebration!
 She blew the candle out all by herself!
Dear 16 year old Jack -
Remember when you hijacked Sydney's pink car? No? Well, I do. And I have the pictures to prove it.
Taking a spin on Syd's pink car. As you can see - the Birthday Girl wasn't pleased with him.  Fortunately, this pink car was NOT a birthday gift. Otherwise, there may have been less "stink-eye" and more "right hook!" Don't mess with her, son...her Daddy's a cop!

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