Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cooking with Toddler

Today I invited Jack to help me bake.  We were going downtown to have lunch with Tyson and I thought we could take some pumpkin bread to Tyson's co-workers.  I know Molly often helps Brooke bake cookies and I'm pretty sure Sydney is a helper as Jessica whips up her gourmet {by my standards} meals.

It's not entirely ground breaking information...and while I recognize that it isn't the case for ALL males - it is for the ones I'm related to (except Devin - but he's anomaly) - BOYS ARE NOT GOOD HELPERS IN THE KITCHEN!

Here are some of the "obstacles" I faced:

  • lots of fingers flying into and all around the batter. I was a broken record: "Son, it's unsanitary to play in the food. NO TOUCH!"
  • spilling (aka: Nancy's worst nightmare) - let's see...he spilled olive oil, flour, and a half bag of chocolate chips {my patience was running thin}
  • adding "unnecessary" ingredients - namely a dishtowel
  • trying to get his hands INTO the oven as I checked on the progress of our goodies.  You would have thought you were watching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as I blocked him out.

The final result was tasty and we successfully delivered two mini-loaves to Tyson at the Ren Cen.  I asked him how they tasted and he didn't have any complaints.  But, he's probably too nice to say, "Well, it tasted like toddler fingers and dishtowels."

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