Tuesday, September 13, 2011

6th Annual Whiffleball Classic

We were back in Fort Wayne last weekend for the 6th Annual Whiffleball Classic.  Tyson always puts together a "Concordia Cadets" team and for the past two years, his good friend, Blake, has driven up from Cincy to join in the fun.  This year he brought Sarah and Floyd along - which made Jack REALLY happy! Floyd is one of his favorite "woof-woofs."  

The Cadet team finished third this year, out of 16 teams. Not too shabby!
Tyson and Blake
 The Concordia Cadets (plus Blake)
Look who wants to play whiffleball! Jack showed up at the fields with his Grandma & Grandpa.  He is already looking forward to taking part in the 25th Annual Whiffleball Classic!

I missed the event this year. It was Girl's Weekend in Indy and I drove down to spend some time with my friends from Alpha Phi. It was great to catch up and treat myself to a (much needed) pedicure! 

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