Friday, September 23, 2011


We are home. All went well. Just trying to help Jack come out of his anesthesia. He's crying & grumpy. . .and unsure of what he wants. It may be a long day. The Dr. said both ears had nasty infections - YET AGAIN. No doubt we would have been back at our pediatrician's office next week with a fever. Glad that is behind us. Thanks for the prayers & words of encouragement!

Good news - Jack's prayers to St. Anthony must have worked. When we pulled into the surgery center - I got out and as I was shutting the passenger side door - guess what I found tucked under the seat . . . NIGH NIGH! Just in time!


  1. I am sooooooo glad it is all over and that he will not have more nasty infections. I am sure he will now hear better also. I had to have my morning "fix" of jack so I went back and played the book review video. I swear that after you so him the cover page and he grabs the book again, he says " don't like"...... Watch it again and listen carefully to hear what he says. Jack, I am very happy you are home now with your mommy and daddy and dogs. We love you guys soooooooooooo much! Shirlee and Jerry, your Warsaw mama and papa....

  2. The "nigh nigh" find was Jack's little angel taking care of him. His angel wanted him to have it at the right time..... And that was before going in for the surgery. Our angels always have a way of taking care of us and letting us know WE ARE NEVER ALONE! Grandma Shirlee, a huge believer in angels.


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