Friday, September 9, 2011

Facts on a Friday

 Fact: Jack is sporting some WILD hair today.
Fact: Jack's Scooby graham crackers are confusing to our dogs because they are shaped like dog treats. (side note: due to this - dog treats may be {even more} enticing to Jack)
Fact: This bag was once packed and ready to go in the car. Can you guess what happened?

Fact: The Becker family is PUMPED for the NFL season this year. We are part of TWO fantasy football leagues and are happy to report that Peyton Manning is not the QB on any of our teams. Since moving to metro-Detroit, we have split our Sundays cheering for both the Colts & the Lions.  The Lions have had their fair share of QB injuries. But Stafford is healthy again (and cute as ever . . .) So Colts fans, feel free to join the Lions bandwagon this season! You may be pleasantly surprised!


  1. Peyton wasn't on any of your teams? You are a disgrace...awful Colts fan. Call me this weekend when you are in Indy (if the city doesn't ban you before then).

  2. I'm happy you are "out of the Lions closet." Some people are embarrassed by Detroit's Leos....I'm not. Say it loud and say it PROUD. RRRROOOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!! GO LIONS!

  3. Apparently Karley knows nothing about fantasy football. It's not a popularity contest.


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