Monday, September 26, 2011

Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning we visited the Birmingham Farmer's Market.  I was hunting for a certain kind of apple: honey crisp. More on those in a minute...

 Jack enjoyed the stroll in his Radio Flyer. For the record - BEST.PURCHASE.OF.THE.SUMMER!
 Hey - look who was there! Molly & her Baby! Jack was excited to see his buddy.
Blog readers, meet Honey Crisp apples. Pure deliciousness! Cravings or no cravings - these apples are amazing. They came recommended by my friend, Carrie, and her Mom, Jan. Good call, ladies. I'm hooked.
Someone else enjoyed the apples, too! "Miiiiiiiiiine."

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  1. I LOVE those apples too! We got some when we went to Traverse City last year & they definitely were the best apples I ever had. I tried to get some here after that, but they are much better in Michigan. I plan to get more next weekend. Thanks for the reminder. :) ~Julia


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