Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ear Update

Jack and I met with the ENT yesterday and we walked out knowing that "Jack is the perfect candidate for tubes." Basically his inner ear is too small and fluids that normally drain, don't drain in his ear - yet. Eventually, as he grows, the ear canal grows and this won't be an issue.  For now, fluids just sit behind his ear drums - basically ALL THE TIME. This liquid is a breeding ground for bacteria and bacteria leads to infection - in Jack's case multiple infections.  The Dr. pointed out that the antibiotics he has been on get rid of the infection, but the fluid remains there - which is why he gets ear infections once a month.

It's not easy deciding to put your child through surgery - but Tyson and I are confident that this will be better than having a sick little boy. We plan to schedule the surgery within the next few weeks and we will let you know when it is.

In other news: Jack took a tumble down the stairs last night while I was running his bath water and getting his medicine ready. It was one of the scariest moments of my life (because I didn't know how high he was when he fell).  When I came around the corner, he was face down on the landing (wood floor) and I was screaming. After scaring Tyson to death with a frantic phone call (he's traveling for work), a quick bath to check that all limbs were in working order, and a call to our pediatrician's emergency line - we determined that Jack was fine. He fell asleep and slept through the night. Wish I could say the same for me - I felt so guilty about what had happened - I was in & out of his room all night.


  1. I feel for you. Just a few weeks ago I let Lia play with my keys. She snapped a professional grade caribiner shut on her lip. Blood everywhere, me frantically running into the Upland Brewery taproom where David was filling growlers. I was a hot mess! Nobody's perfect...but it's because we love them so much we feel so rotten afterwards!

  2. I know how you felt, I had you sitting outside in your little seat, at 3 months old, under a big shade tree and you got sun on your little cheeks. I felt so bad and Jerry was so made at me. He made me feel like a bad mom, at least Ty did not do that. Grandma shirlee


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