Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Visit from Nancy & Denny

Nancy and Denny came up for a visit last weekend. They said they needed a "Jack & Josie Fix." I'm sure they got their fill while they were here! Friday night was low-key. We ate pizza and watched basketball. Saturday morning I woke up after everyone and found Nancy making breakfast. Not going to lie - it's pretty awesome to come downstairs to a hot breakfast in your own house!
Saturday night Tyson and I flew the coop for a date night with our friends (they're expecting #3 any day and we needed one last kid-free night before they are back in newborn mode). Both kids were asleep when we got home. Glorious. Sunday morning I came downstairs to find Jack & Grandpa Denny in the middle of a game of "fox tail." (Basically you swing a ball around & throw it - pretty much right up Jack's alley).
After breakfast, everyone played a game of Fox Tail in the basement. Jack made the teams - Becker Boys vs Becker Girls. I'm not sure who won - but I think the Becker Girls held their own!
Before Grandma & Grandpa left - Josie threw a Disney Music Dance Party.  Always fun to have them visit! Come again SOON!

By the way - the "Becker" family member most excited about the visit was Tucker. He couldn't get enough of Denny. Friend for Life.

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