Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Disney - Part 1 {the morning}

We woke up early last Thursday for our Disney Day. It was WAY too early for Josie {our 2 year old, living in a 15 year old's body}. Per usual, Josie swatted me away as I tried to wake her up. Jack, on the other hand, bounced out of bed, ready to go. The child honestly has an unprecedented amount of energy.
We walked into the park around 10am - because parking, tram, tickets, a monorail ride, and bag checks take FOREVER. Once inside the park Tyson jetted off for FastPass+ tickets and everyone else took a bathroom break. It was chilly - but we were ready.
We made our way to a few different toddler-friendly rides. Both kids LOVED Dumbo, the race cars, and Jack had fun on the Barnstormer roller coaster.
Josie and Grandpa Jerry took a ride on the carousel - which was, quite possibly, the highlight of Josie's day. She thought it was "the best ride at Disney!" {good news, kid, carousels are easy to find}
After a brief nap for Josie and lunch for everyone else - we headed off to It's a Small World. Both kids LOVED it! We also went on Buzz Lightyear's ride and met Chip & Dale. By 4pm we called it a day. Grandma & Grandpa headed back to Sebring, while we left for our hotel room.
No surprise - everyone napped well....which meant we were all ready for Round 2 that night.

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