Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunshine...with a side of snow & poetry

First of all - let it be known - that we are now the proud owners of the movie {in every form} Frozen.  Josie spotted it when we stopped in Meijer last week and I have literally - never seen her that excited about something (well, maybe about meeting Minnie). She picked it up and carried it through the store. We've watched it about 4 times. She's a happy girl.

For a few days last week (and even this week) the perma-cloud that lingers over Michigan has lifted and we've had sunshine! The fact that we can actually SEE pavement was reason enough to celebrate! Jack wanted to take a bike ride and I didn't argue. We had to navigate some snow hazards, but it was nice to be outside.
Even with sunshine - we still have snow piles...although these pictures were taken last week, so we have less snow now.

And finally - we are SO excited for Uncle Devin, as we learned on Friday his poetry will be published in a BOOK! Like - his own book!! Devin has been working very hard for many, many, many years and his hard work has paid off! His collection, titled Shame, was selected from over 500 entries and won the A. Poulin Jr. Poetry Prize. We are SO proud of him!

Tyson and Denny toasted to him this weekend - and Devin shared in the toast by finding the same exact beer (all the way in California, where he is conducting interviews for work). The Becker women and children all celebrated with ice cream. Priorities. 

Congrats, again, Dev!

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