Thursday, March 20, 2014

Disney - Part 2 {the evening}

As I mentioned - we broke our Disney Day up into two parts. FYI - tickets are pricey and Tyson & I decided to "get our money's worth." It was a smart move. After naps, showers, warmer clothes, and dinner - we made our way back to the "happiest place on Earth." We weren't sure how long the kids would last - but we had a couple things going for us: 1) neither were interested in the parades or the fireworks 2) they were SO excited to be back there

Our first stop was Pirates of the Caribbean. We realized pretty quickly that the lines had dissipated A LOT. And once we were on the ride, I realized it probably wasn't the best parenting move for Josie's sake. She buried her face in me and I felt awful. Oops.

Next we visited Belle to for her interactive tale. Jack was cast as "Chip" - pretty appropriate. He felt like a real movie star and had so much fun!
There were NO WAITS for any of the rides our kids wanted to go on...and even better, NO WAITING to see the characters! This was HEAVEN for Josie. As you all know, my kids aren't afraid of creepy characters (only old men who bring them presents). Josie's reaction to seeing Minnie was hilarious. She was totally in awe.
Before we left we stopped at Mickey's Magic Show to say hello to "the Big Man" himself. Both kids were SUPER excited. Jack hugged him and professed his love...very loudly. "I WUV YOU, MICKEY!!" By the time we got to our car it was midnight and we had two VERY tired kids...and TWO very tired parents.

After a good night's sleep - we woke up for our journey back to Michigan. But Jack tried one last ditch effort to convince us we should go back to see Mickey. I found him studying the map of the park.

It was a great day, full of so many memories! We can't wait to go back!

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