Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Outside + Pool = Happiness

It was no secret that the Becker Clan was ready to be outside as much as possible during our Florida visit. I feel like we've been inside for WAAAAY too long this winter. It's gotten the best of me. So we were all excited for sunshine, pool water, and green grass!
Jack did a great job practicing his swimming. He loved the freedom to swim all over the pool. Surprisingly, Miss Josie was also quite the fish! She loved every minute of being in the water. Grandma Shirlee worried the whole time...but Josie showed her there wasn't anything to fear.
 The kids also loved Grandpa Jerry's new golf cart. It was a hit! Our goal each day was to wear our kids out as much as possible - so they were ready for bed by 7:30. It was never too hard.
Of course, how could we be outside without playing baseball? Jack was so happy to have people to pitch to. Grandpa Jerry used baseball practice as an opportune time to partake in Cocktail Hour. I'll be honest...I was jealous.

Now - we just need the temps to rise about 40 degrees, so we can enjoy our pool in Michigan. At the rate we're going...we may see the pool in August. Maybe.

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  1. Looks like the kids had fun at grandma and grandpas house! I was thinking about getting a pool for our home in Florida so that when our grandchildren visit we don't have to drive to a beach. Luckily my wife is on board with the plan of getting a pool. Thanks for sharing this and giving us an inspiration.


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