Saturday, March 15, 2014

Driving South

We set out last Friday for our Florida Vacation. We decided to drive. Some of you may be wondering if we are crazy...the answer is NO. We waited too long to book flights (Tyson's work) and then decided we'd save some & do more "fun" things in Florida. Honestly, it wasn't bad.

Tyson was able to get this Bad Boy (2015 Yukon XL Denali) for our trip. Ummmm, it was a GOD SEND! So great to drive, tons of space - so much space we had a bed in the very back for naps (yes, we realize that's not safe...but neither is driving while tired). I'm in love with this car - for obvious reasons. I'll be sad when Tyson takes it back on Monday.
We had the car packed full of snacks and different ways to keep the kids engaged. They had books, movies, things to color/draw, stickers, pipe cleaners to play with, and - the favorite - silly putty.
Once we were in warmer temps - Josie was just happy to have the windows down. There was also some napping and our fair share of "are we there yet?" The navigation screen was a great way to show Jack how much farther we had to go. I'm sure you can imagine how excited he was when he saw Grandma & Grandpa's house "getting closer" to our car!

Our kids were REALLY great the entire way down! Sure - they had their moments...because they're 4 & 2. But overall, it was a fun trip & we were SO happy to arrive in Sunny Florida!

More to come...

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