Friday, March 7, 2014

Heading South

First things first, Josie went with me to my 16 week Midwife appointment. As you can see - my plan worked: sucker + iPad game = stress-free appointment. Everything was great...or at least it seems that way. Midwives take such a hands-off approach - which I actually love. No peeing in a cup, no prodding or poking. My appointments consist of: weight, blood pressure, listening to the heartbeat, and then lots of talking. The heartbeat was 160 (for those who like to know) and I was given the GREEN light for my anatomy scan...which I can schedule in two weeks. AHHH.
Yesterday afternoon Jack was driving me crazy. And by driving me crazy - I mean - he was non-stop action & pestering everyone (including the dogs). So, instead of losing my cool - per usual - I asked him if he wanted to vacuum. Then I put him to work. I'll be honest, it wasn't the best vacuuming job I've ever seen, but I didn't have to do it, so... I like to think of this as preparing him for his future wife. This will continue.
AND, finally, after over 83 inches of snow. Wait, let's say that again - EIGHTY THREE INCHES OF SNOW... The Beckers are finally heading south. Jack busted into our bedroom bright & early this morning and announced that he was packed and ready to go. I'm not sure what he thinks we'll be doing in Florida, but he's prepared for the worst. We have a jam packed schedule while we're down there and I'm pretty excited to see green grass & a soft sandy beach.

And just because we're leaving - don't think you can come throw a party in our house. We've hired this guy to dog-sit. Cooper is pretty pumped.

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