Friday, March 21, 2014

Our Journey Home

We started our journey back home last Friday. After a stop at a nearby Publix for some snacks & drinks - we hit the road and said goodbye to the warmth. No one in the car was very excited about the trek home. Jack asked if he could just live with Mickey Mouse.
Stickers, coloring, and pipe cleaners made the journey a little more tolerable for the kids. We also used the iPads and a couple Red Box movies.
We made sure to stretch our legs when we could. Jack and Tyson had a sword battle at a truck stop in Georgia.
Josie engaged in the newest phenomenon to sweep Truck Stops - shadow dancing. You can see part of her routine below.
Of course, there was also plenty of napping on the way home. Disney wore us all out! And - not surprising - we returned home to a snow covered yard & piles of snow everywhere. I was really hopeful, too, because we hadn't seen much snow cover...until we hit Metro Detroit. Oh well.

Have a great weekend!

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