Sunday, March 16, 2014


On Monday we headed West to Naples for a fun beach day with our good friends - the Moses family. Tyson & I met Jeff & Jaime when the husbands were at the Kelley School of Business together.  Jeff & Tyson rode the bus together (isn't that cute?) and Jaime & I became fast friends. We lived it up in Btown! Now they live in a suburb of Miami and we LOVE seeing them when we visit the Sunshine State. They have TWO adorable little boys - Cameron (3) & Landon (5mths).
We spent the day playing on Naples Beach! The boys played in the sand, took a walk to the Naples Pier for ice cream with their daddies, and had a really fun time squirting each other. Josie loved the ocean for the first 15 minutes - then took a big gulp of salt water and didn't think it was AS great after that. She still had fun running around the beach.
It was so fun to see the kids together and to catch up with our good friends. We hope the weather in Michigan warms up soon, so we can lure them north for a lake weekend!
After the beach, we ate a late, light lunch. Josie slept through most of it. She was SO tired. Not only did she play hard on the beach, she also had to make sure her mommy didn't hold baby Landon. (let's just say, it got ugly when I did hold him...poor Josie) Tyson & Jeff left the restaurant early with Cameron & Jack...but they didn't make it far. They were quickly sidetracked for some ice cream along 5th Ave. The boys thought they hit the jackpot - TWO ice creams in ONE day!
After the beach, we headed north a bit to Uncle Jon's Bachelor Pad. He lives in a gorgeous house! Jack thinks Uncle Jon is awesome because instead of having a boring old dining room table - he has a ping pong table. So fun!
Jack tried to win over the dogs by playing some fetch. Blade seems to be enjoying his new {warm} home.
We left the three dogs (Hogan, Hunter, & Blade) at Jon's house and went out for a quick bite. Dinner was interrupted by a phone call from one of Jon's neighbors informing us he had Hunter. It seems Hogan {aka: Houdini} opened the front door and let all of the dogs out. They were "terrorizing" the neighborhood. Jon & Dad rushed back to coral them.

It was definitely a fun and exciting day in Naples! So good to see so many people we MISS SO MUCH!

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